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Guns? Motorcycles? Yes please!

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Don’t Do This…

In this video, our rider hasn’t been on a bike in a while, and the last bike he rode had much less power. He mentions how awkward he feels multiple times, and you can hear the wind as they get ready to set out. He continues to talk about how weird it feels to be […]

How NOT to ride a motorcycle…

This video compilation is courtesy of Motomadness. A very popular motovlog. These are perfect examples of what not to do on a motorcycle. Turning too fast, not paying attention, too aggressive on the road…. While we totally understand wanting to see what she can do, always ride within your skill level. Be it your speed, […]

Bridgeport CA

If you’ve never been to Bridgeport California, the ride alone is worth it. Beautiful countryside and winding mountain roads. If the twists and turns aren’t enough to keep you on your pegs, the rough road will remind you. This road feels like it was paved by the Romans… Special appearance by VT (Visited 10 times, […]

Traffic? What Traffic?

We all hate traffic, but while fun to lane split and sweep between lanes, I almost caught a lane change in the end. Reminding me I’m not invincible… (Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)

Fog Tail

Fog so thick it sticks to your visor. So distracted by the cop on the side of the road, I blew a red light. I was so worried about grabbing too much front break, I put too much on the rear, which started to swing around to have a conversation with me about my bad […]



Day 1

Day 1 of the COVID-19 quarantine. I’m almost out of snacks. I’m down to only 289 rolls of toilet paper… Kids have no school, I’ve watched Frozen twice today. Elsa seems a bit needy. Olaf is pretty chill though… (Visited 16 times, 1 visits today)

Mad Max

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Gaming Videos

Half-Life Alyx

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Halo Infinite

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Resident Evil 3

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DIABLO 5 Official Trailer

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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The Last of Us Part II

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