Halo Infinite

It’s time for revenge…

SEVERE SCOLIOSIS *Chiropractic CRACK* Relief

This is what happens when you don’t sit up straight. This girl has Scoliosis caused by slouching and not stretching properly.

Electrical Explosions!

What do you do when your power lines start smoking/sparking?Hint: Standing there with a camera is probably not the best idea…

Day 3

We’ve resorted to making drawings to please the Gods. Maybe if we please them, they’ll remove this plague upon us.

Day 2

Supplies are almost gone. Trying to decide which family member to eat first. Niko could feed us for a couple days, but he’s gassy… He farts any time I get near him. Tried to pass the time by being the girls wash The Mistress. Wife wasn’t happy when I told her. Bella gets me…

Day 1

Day 1 of the COVID-19 quarantine. I’m almost out of snacks. I’m down to only 289 rolls of toilet paper… Kids have no school, I’ve watched Frozen twice today. Elsa seems a bit needy. Olaf is pretty chill though…


Ok, we’ve all seen the hype about this new “Flu” virus going around. 5k+ dead, but really, how bad is it? While every virus should be respected, how threatening is COVID-19? Well, here’s a Live broadcast of the current numbers around the world.

How NOT to ride a motorcycle…

This video compilation is courtesy of Motomadness. A very popular motovlog. These are perfect examples of what not to do on a motorcycle. Turning too fast, not paying attention, too aggressive on the road…. While we totally understand wanting to see what she can do, always ride within your skill level. Be it your speed, […]