Warzone Codes

Finding a list online that’s reliable and completely is damn near impossible. So we said “Fuck it”, and did it ourselves…

  1. Prison shack code: 72948531
  2. Park – 60274513
  3. North Junkyard: 87624851
  4. Farmland code: 49285163
  5. TV Station – 27495810
  6. South Junkyard – 97264138
  1. Dam Bunker – Red Card
  2. Leap of Faith – Red Card
  3. Outcast Bunker – Red Card
  4. “W” Building – Red Card
  5. Prison Bunker – Red Card
  6. They Call it “A Mine!” – Red Card
  • P2 – 16 (parking lot)
  • EL – 21 (executive lounge)
  • CL – 19 (bar)

The important parts to remember are, these only drop inside the stadium. Not on the grounds outside. This means that once you’re outside the stadiums walls, you have no chance of finding a card. Check every level, inside and on the field. Each key opens a specific room, match the rooms, get the loot.

Each room will have a code on a screen that repeats, write it down and move on to the next. These codes reset after each match. Because Activision hates us…

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