Download Parler App for Android without Google!

So, the large companies have blocked you from downloading Parler… Why? In short, they require a way for people to be Karen’s and complain about things on the internet. Parler believes in “If you don’t like it, don’t look or don’t subscribe…” Which is exactly how we feel here at The X Crew. If you don’t like it… Bye?

Here’s how we got around it.

Download APK Pure (open source, free app downloader)
Run through the installer (yes, Android phones complain about “Insecure Source Installs”, this is because, if Google can’t scan or control it, they don’t want you having it 😢. Well, tough shit, we’re doing it anyway.

Once you’ve installed APK Pure, you can navigate through their list of apps, or you can just download the file from us. Our version works as of 01/09/2021. Once installed, you can always update the app through APK Pure. Be aware though, Google does not support this app, big brother doesn’t like free speech, which is exactly what this platform is intended for. Just please keep the kiddy porn and hate speech to a minimum so Uncle Sam doesn’t drop the ban hammer on all of us.

Download Now

Parler v2.6.10 (not click bait, seriously…)

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